Scalp 2

For Scalp and Hairloss Problems.

Denser Hair

  • For scalp.
  • A daily cure that improves hair density.
  • Apply it directly to the scalp every day for 6 weeks.
  • It boosts the hair density + 1000 hair in 6 weeks.

Denser Hair

  • Anti Thinning Treatment.
  • A dual-action intensive program for thinning hair, enriched with Aminexil and Omega 6 complex. Provides essential nutrients to help stimulate root activity and to help protect the density of the hair from root to tips.
  • As you massage Aminexil Advanced into the scalp, this nourishing formula helps maintain density of hair and helps new, healthy and strong hair to grow 10 bottles pack.

Thicker Hair

  • For hair lengths.
  • An everyday fiber thickening serum for the lengths that leaves hair looking thicker.
  • Enriched in Intra-Cylane, a thickening molecule born of ten years’ research to reveal hair that looks thicker and appears fuller 90ml.

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