Hair Treatments

Hair Treatments:

Crystal – caviar- blow out – protein – Botox – collagen

Let your hair shine with our special treatments and say goodbye to damaged hair and dry locks! Many factors can affect the look and feel of your hair, including hot and cold temperatures, along with blow drying and chemicals. At Hamo  Hair Salon, our experts will choose the most suitable Hair Treatment for your hair.

Signs that you need Hair Treatment

Before you decide which hair treatment will suit your hair, you need to make sure that you need a treatment in the first place. Does your hair need protein? – Hair dryness isn’t the indication. Maybe, you just need a good hair conditioner. So, here are the signs that you need a good hair treatment:

  • Loss of elasticity (Your hair is stretched and doesn’t return back to its state after being released)
  • Too much hair dye
  • Excessive hair shedding (especially if not from the root)
  • Flat, limp, or stringy hair
  • High porosity (absorbs much water, causing tangles and frizz)

At Hamo Hair Salon, our experts will give you the most suitable advice, depending on your hair case and texture. 

Protein Hair Treatments

Now, you’re probably decided that you need a Protein Treatment which is a good starting point. A protein treatment will repair and strengthen your damaged hair strands, filling the gaps in the hair cuticle. Protein is an effective way to repair the damaged hair, making it smoother, shinier, and stronger, if used reasonably. Excessive use of protein treatment will have the exact opposite effect, leaving your hair dry, brittle, and stiff.

Why is Hamo Salon the best with Hair Treatments

At Hamo Hair Salon, our experts define the convenient hair treatment, according to your hair type. We check how often you have to apply your protein treatment and what deep conditioning treatment is suitable. Our experts help you achieve the best possible result, making your investment worthy. Have a protein boost and shine in a way you never expected!

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