Hamo Mohsen

During our childhood, we dream of what we will be when we grow up. Our dreams usually begin with being a movie star, or a superhero. As we begin to grow up, sometimes our dreams change, either because we have changed, or because the world has told us we need to change our dreams. My dream has always been to be a hairstylist. The Beauty Industry is one of the only industries I know of that make someone look and feel like a movie star, or make a woman feel as beautiful as she thought her beauty icon is, and I think that is pretty awesome.
What I have come to realize after over 30 years in our industry is that many people need to be educated, not only about their hair and what products they should use, but also about the industry itself. People need to become educated in the services of a salon; it isn’t just about hair cutting, coloring and manicures while everyone drinks coffee and talks about the newest celebrity couples. In fact, the beauty industry is always changing, evolving and improving. There is always something new to learn, be it a new formulation, a new cutting technique or a better way to retain your clientele.

It is an industry where education is key. On a daily basis, stylists deal with the science of hair and the chemistry of hair color and perms, how to manage their clientele, their budget, their time, their retail, all at the same time.
Being a hairstylist is more than just about the skills of giving good hairdos. It is about making personal connections with your clients. Helping them through life’s trial and celebrating life’s achievements. It’s about helping the ladies and gents sitting in your salon chair find their beauty whether inside out. It’s an industry that helps you grow as a person, as an artist and with hard work, sweat and tears – one becomes a thriving business professional.

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