Hair Coloring

Hair Coloring

Looking for a Hair Coloring change? – Our specialists will help you find the right shade for you, balancing your inner beauty and personal style. And, if you’re looking for inspiration, we will give you that too. Live your life in color and never settle for a boring hair!

The Creative possibilities are endless with Hair Coloring

Want to try the latest hair color trend? – Whether you wish for a permanent fixture or a striking temporary color, we have them all! Choose the color, leave the rest for us, and be confident in your new look. Ask for our Full-cover hair coloring services and get your hair dyed in only one step. Permanent, semi/demi, or highlights, we know which type of hair color suits you and how they will interact with your hair. Say hi to your new vibrant look!

Types of Hair Coloring

  • Permanent color: Looking for a color that will stick with you for a while? – A permanent color is the right fit for you! This dye penetrates your hair deeply to last for weeks, even with continuous wash. That’s why this dye needs a more complex chemical process than any other dyes. At Hamo Salon, we will help you lighten, darken, or tone your hair perfectly, providing high coverage.
  • Semi-permanent hair: Want to try one of these bright trendy colors like pink, purple, etc, but you’re not ready for such a commitment? – The semi-permanent dye is your ideal choice, lasting for about 8 washes. It is also perfect for gray hair coverage. Semi-permanent colors are not formulated with ammonia, making it more likely to fade. Add some gloss into your dull-looking hair and shine in a different way!
  • Demi-permanent hair: Want to have a color that sticks for a bit longer than semi-permanent color but not as long as the permanent one? – The Demi-permanent hair will definitely do the trick! Similar to the semi-permanent, it is ammonia-free, with the difference of developer mixture, which penetrates the hair. A demi-permanent color lasts longer up to 24 washes.
  • Highlights: Hit our salon and enjoy a sexy new look, adding vibrant highlights to your hair! Refresh your locks with a unique natural-looking glow and choose the highlight technique you prefer. From Ombre, Balayage, Lowlights, and Textured highlights, your hair will hit the lights in one simple step.

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