Nothing can brighten and lift your face more than defined eyelashes and eyebrows. Our brow specialists create perfect eyebrows that suit your face shape, following the latest trends. Great eyebrows don’t happen by chance, they happen by appointment! At Hamo Salon, we will groom your eyebrows, achieving the ideal, matching arches you’ve dreamed of.

If you’ve never tried eyelashes, it’s about time you do! Eyelash extension is like a cosmetic cheat code and we definitely love it. With our proper care and professional touch, you’ll have the nicest natural look as if you woke up like this. Never worry, all our products are perfectly safe for your eyes and the area around them. Have longer, thicker, and more defined eyelashes, and enjoy your look with confidence!  

Classic Eyelash Extensions

Glow effortlessly and get amazed at how your eyes pop with our natural-looking eyelashes. Eyelash extensions define your eye shape, offering the best volume and length without the hassle of mascara and eyelash curler. Get the classic lashes and say goodbye to sudden events or outings. No smudges, no mascara running – just neat, thick, and magnificent eyelashes. Look refreshed from the first thing in the morning until you sleep at night. Yes, life is short but your lashes shouldn’t be!

Volume Eyelashes Extensions

Up for a bold look as a change, why don’t you try our volume eyelash extension?! While the classic eyelash extension requires one layer, volume extensions require multiple layers to get a unique, dramatic look. Change your look, choose the volume that makes you comfortable, and slay the crowd in no time. At Hamo Salon, we can help you create an eyelash extension that rocks on any occasion. We can apply strip lashes for you or you can purchase a set of lashes and apply them yourself, adding a glamorous touch.

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