Hair Cut

Hair Cut

Don’t you just want your hair to look brighter and healthier? – Come on, get a quick, fresh cut at Hamo Mohsen Hair Salon and walk out an entirely different person. Our talented specialists will take good care of your hair, considering the latest fashion trends. And, if you can’t decide, we can help you understand what suits your hair the best. Really soothing!

Hair Cut in Hamo Salon

Never underestimate the power of a charming haircut! At Hamo Hair Salon, our stylists know the best hair-cutting techniques, depending on your hair texture and how you plan to style your hair. With so many options, we will fuel your hairstyle dreamlist. Whether you want a blunt bob, bangs, asymmetrical bob, or straight-across cut, we will help you achieve your hair goals.

  •  Wet Cut

The Wet Cut is your ideal choice if you wear your hair on the straight style or have a cut of the same length. It is also perfect for the pixie cut. The Wet Cut is the easiest way to get a clean, defined cut. Simply put, a wet hair cut will result in a huge renewal in the overall shape, adding a shiny look and healthy feel.

  •  Dry Cut

The Dry Cut is perfect if you plan on wearing your natural hair most of the time. Our stylists pay attention to the pattern of your waves or curls, taking into consideration any hair issues. Dry cut shows the real shape and how it falls to use the right cut and refine its shape.

The Trendiest Hair Cuts of 2020

  • Blunt chops without layers
  • Angled bob
  • Medium neck-length bobs
  • Short pixies
  • One-length haircuts
  • Modern shags
  • Textured haircuts
  • Bangs (short, long, curtain, side swept)
  • Curly thick haircut
  • Chic asymmetrical haircut

Why is Hamo Salon the best in Hair Cut

At Hamo Hair Salon, we use the suitable hair-cutting technique to get the look of your dreams. Just relax in the chair and let our stylist do magic into your hair. You can show our stylist an inspiration picture or give him the chance to decide which will be the perfect fit. Get advice from our experts and let us find your next hot look!

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