Hair Blow-Dry / with Iron

While it seems like a simple step, blow drying your hair can cause serious damage if done wrong. Our team applies the right technique, taking good care of your hair. Get your hair done, re-capture your sense of confidence, and more importantly, glow!
Glitz up your whole look and get your hair done at Hamo Salon! Our stylist will give you a professional flat iron treatment, ensuring the best outcome. No uneven results, no missed spots – just beautiful, sleek hair.

Things we take care of when straightening your Hair

At Hamo Salon, our experts make sure you have a sleek, shiny hair and rock your look, avoiding any unnecessary hair damage. And, that’s how we do it! 

  • Use smoothing hair care items during the wash
  • Rough drying your hair
  • Using the right brush 
  • Wait until your hair is completely dry 
  • Use a thermal protector
  • Avoid too high temperatures
  • Section your hair 
  • Spray finishing products to add shine
  • Use an advanced flat iron
  • Create waves or curls according to your preference

Why is Hamo Salon the best in Hair Straightening?

At Hamo Hair Salon, our experts know every efficient technique to get a sleek, subtle look, matching exactly what you wish. We know how to blow dry your hair to give your roots an extra volume. After a good blow out, our stylist does wonders with the flat iron, using heat protectant to make sure your hair is never damaged. Come on; invest in your hair and shine like never before!

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