Makeup Services

Makeup isn’t a tool meant to make an ugly thing beautiful, it is meant to magnify the beauty that already exists!

At Hamo Hair Salon, you won’t be afraid of any makeup disasters or scary experiences. Whether you need makeup for a date, interview, or wedding, our specialists will apply the makeup you’ve imagined, even better. Makeup is an art and we know how to master our talent. Your makeup will burst with uniqueness, adding to your confidence. Glam up!

We choose the perfect makeup for you depending on your skin tone, eye shape, hair color, and more importantly, your taste. It is actually enjoyable to have your makeup done by a professional. Just relax in the chair and watch the magnificent transformation. Hit our salon and go out feeling like Beyonce the whole day. You can never go wrong with bold red lips or do you wish for a natural look? – From sleek and natural to striking and dramatic, we will never disappoint you!

Makeup Trends for 2020

At Hamo Hair Salon, our specialists follow the latest makeup trends and techniques. Don’t worry, leave it to the experts, freshen your look, and shine effortlessly in any event. Here are the top slaying makeup trends in 2020:

  • Neon eyes
  • Over-the-top blush
  • Floating eyeliner
  • Over-the-top-lashes
  • Watercolor lids
  • Summer Blues
  • Stained, glossy lips
  • Multi-colored eye trend
  • Fluttery mascara look
  • Colorful lower liner
  • Glossy eyeshadow
  • Bright mascara
  • Structured brow makeup
  • Pastel eyeliner makeup

Why Hamo Salon is the best in makeup? 

Never applied makeup before? You think you look pale? You have an important appointment and don’t have time to apply makeup?  So, what about trendy rouge, extra blush to make your cheeks pop, and a touch of mascara? Maybe add some lashes for an extra fluttery look? – Our specialists at Hamo Salon will always meet your expectations, offering the best shade for your skin tone. Also, we use only high-quality materials, ensuring the smoothest and healthiest makeup. Have a unique style and get ready to wow the crowd as soon as you step out of our salon. Yes, we will be your savior in weddings and events. Sit back, relax, and let us pamper you. Oh! And, you’re never running late in an attempt to achieve perfectly-winged eyeliner!


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